Scan to Revit Family Creation

Get Custom BIM Families for Your Renovations Projects with Our Scan to Revit Family Creation Services

We are highly skilled in extracting the data from the Point clouds to create our own Revit families as per the project requirements with our Point cloud to Revit Family Creation Services. Our Revit Family creation ensures accurate and comprehensive Revit Models from the scanned data with required LOD (100-500). We do ensure that our Revit families are of high quality so that your modeled output is standard. We also provide architects, contractors, and engineers with custom BIM families or high-quality parametric families from 2D sketches, scanned images, or point cloud files with our Scan to BIM Content Creation Services. Our professionals are well versed with the Revit software and can create all types of Revit families, be they System, Loadable, or In-place families, as per the project needs. With our Scan to Revit Family creation services, your renovations, remodeling, and refurbishment projects become relatively simpler, faster, and cost-effective. They can be executed with a streamlined workflow, and you can get the enhanced output model with aligned disciplines. Our experience and expertise have made us one of the most preferred brands for Scan-to-BIM Services across the USA, UK, France, Italy, Belgium, Austria, and other European regions.

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Inputs Requirement for Our Point Cloud to Revit Family Creation

  • Check rightAny scanned file format .rcp, .rcs, .las, .pts, etc.
  • Check right Any images, sketches, or drawings
  • Check right Any plans or layouts


Our Deliverables

  • Check right Revit Families for Architectural, Structural and MEP trades
  • Check right Enhanced 3D Revit Model


Our Services for Scan to Revit Family Creation

We do create BIM Revit Families, including instances of all the trades as below:

Architectural Revit Families Icon

Architectural Revit Families Creation

We create accurate architectural Revit families like Doors, windows, furniture, railings, casework, etc., from the scanned or point cloud data shared by the client.

Mechanical Revit Family Creation Icon

Mechanical Revit Family Creation

Our team is proficient in creating precise mechanical families like HVAC, pipes, valves, filters, duct hangers, air terminals, etc., for a clean Revit-modelled output.

HVAC Revit Family Creation Icon

HVAC Revit Family Creation

We create families for HVAC like Fan coil units, fire dampers, diffusers, grilles, etc., so that you get a better picture of Heating and Ventilation for fabrication.

Structural Revit Family Icon

Structural Revit Family Creation

We create families to enhance the building structure, like columns with steel sections, beams, foundations, connections, base plates, stiffeners, etc.

Plumbing Revit Families Icon

Plumbing Revit Families Creation

Our skilled designers and engineers can create Revit families like pumps, pipes, valves, washbasins, urinals, and other fittings and fixtures to visualize plumbing components better.


Our Process of Point Cloud to Revit Family Services


Our skilled team analyses the scanned file from various types of scanners shared by the client.


Post analysis, we consult the client to understand the project’s scope.


We leverage algorithms to extract data from the registered point cloud.


We feed the data, an indexed point cloud file, or the rough model into Revit/BIM software for data modification and creation of the Revit family. 


Final As-Built Deliverables (Design/Drawings/analysis) for architectural, structural, and MEP elements are shared with the client

What is Scan to CAD Drafting Services?

Scan to CAD is basically a design transition from 3D or 2D scans to an editable and professional CAD file using any standard drafting software. 


Benefits of Scan to Revit Family Creation Services

Check right

Increased accuracy of Revit models

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Leverage the automated process

Check right

Reduce manual modeling

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Reduce as-built model times

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Improved workflows

Get Access to Both Standard and Customised Families to Build a Better Model
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