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Convert Scan to Mesh for Enhanced Construction Visualization

We provide Scan to Mesh Services to convert the raw scanned or point cloud data to textured 3D meshes. With the help of our Point cloud to Mesh Modeling, architects, engineers, and designers can get a detailed output and can collaborate well on the cloud. Our team is fluent and well-versed in creating accurate meshes to be used by our clients in the form of stand-alone 3D objects or Mesh models to which 2D sequences can be mapped out using 3D nodes. We do augment the visualization by utilizing the captured data to easy-to-use segmented 3D mesh models for better projections and decision making. With our Point Cloud to Mesh Services, you can identify potential clashes beforehand and resolve the same for faster and error-free designing and construction. We understand the mesh models' vitality when it comes to construction projects; therefore, we incorporate every possible minute detail to give you a quality output. Our team closely monitors every stage of the conversion process to ensure that industry standards are being adhered to. The faster and more accurate conversions from the physical to the digital workflow via our mesh models have made us stand apart from the competition. During a span of more than a decade, we have crafted many solutions across countries like the USA, the UK, and other European regions.

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Inputs Required for Scan-to-Mesh Conversion

  • Check rightRGB-D images
  • Check right Multi-ray photogrammetry images 
  • Check right Geospatial or stereo Imagery


Our Scan to Mesh Deliverables

  • Check right We deliver Mesh output in desired formats .fbx, .stl, .obj, .ply, etc.


Our Point Cloud to Mesh Conversion Services

Point Cloud Scan to Polygon Mesh Icon Icon

Point Cloud/ Scan to Polygon Mesh

Point Cloud Scan to Triangle Mesh Icon

Point Cloud/ Scan to Triangle Mesh

Point Cloud to NURBS Surface Models Icon

Point Cloud to NURBS Surface Models

Our Scan to Mesh Workflow


Import the scan files into software like Autodesk Recap


Clean up the point cloud data with the removal of unwanted area.


Destroy or enhance the mesh quantity


Fix up the issues


Convert and export the mesh file

What is Scan to Mesh Services?

Scan to Mesh is a process of converting laser-scanned data to 3D meshes using a cloud-based feature of Autodesk Recap. These are proven beneficial in retrofitting and remodeling projects for a faster, more accessible digital workflow.


Benefits of Scan-to-Mesh Services

Check right

Comprehensive structural analysis and reporting

Check right

Budget Analysis and Estimations

Check right

Appropriate Resource management

Check right

Prevention of delays and costly errors

Check right

Enhance coordination and productivity

Check right

Get precise and error-free designs.


Application of Scan to Mesh Services


Fabricate the missing architectural elements


Heritage and Monumental enhancements


Enhance the detail or renovate the massive structures or statues


Repairing and restoring scanned elements


View any object's geometry in a CAD environment


Calculate the volume of any open area or a structural foundation


Early clash detection and coordination

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