Point Cloud to BIM Services

Convert Your Point Cloud Data into Accurate BIM Models with Our Point Cloud to BIM Services

We offer precise and high-quality Point Cloud Modelling Services for renovations, refurbishments, retrofits, and remodeling projects of all sizes and types. With extensive knowledge and an experience of more than two decades, we have catered to many architects, engineers, and contractors with accurate As-built models to carry on with hassle-free renovations. We simplify the re-construction by providing accurate and information-rich modeling for Architectural, Structural, and MEP trades so that no clashes are encountered while remodeling. Our Point Cloud to BIM Services helps the AEC professionals analyze the renovation site's current scenario and propose a solution catering to the project's needs. Our solutions are cost effective and as per the building standards and codes. Delivering BIM models with the required Level of Detail (LOD 100-500) is what makes us successful across the USA, UK, Ireland, France, Italy, Spain, and Austria.

What do We do in Point Cloud Modelling?

When we receive the point cloud/scanned data, we import them into the tools like Autodesk Revit to get an accurate As-Built BIM model illustrating the details of all the disciplines with geometry, dimensions, and documentation. These files can be used on-site for construction, monitoring, validation, cost estimations, and operations.

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Input Files Required by Us for Point Cloud Conversion

  • Check right Laser scanned files in. rcs, .rcp, e57, .fls, .ptg, .pts, etc.
  • Check right Various site drawings and sketches in 2D
  • Check right 360-degree videos and images
  • Check right Various other designs from different scanners like Leica, LiDAR, etc.


Our Point Cloud to BIM Outputs

  • Check right 3D Model with required LOD
  • Check right 2D plans, elevations, and sections
  • Check right Site layout plans
  • Check right As-Built documentation 
  • Check right Appropriate information mapping


Our Point Cloud Conversion Services

Point Cloud to Architectural BIM Icon

Point Cloud to Architectural BIM

For successful renovation, we offer information-rich models from the point cloud data for all architectural elements like floors, ceilings, roofs, walls, windows, doors, furniture, stairs, etc.

Point Cloud to Structural BIM Icon

Point Cloud to Structural BIM

We offer intelligent As-built Models to showcase all the structural elements of the renovation structure, like beams, columns, trusses, base plates, steel supports, etc.

Point Cloud to MEP BIM Model Icon

Point Cloud to MEP BIM Model

We provide detailed Revit Models to clearly distinguish the MEP components, like ducts, pipes, switches, electrical, plumbing, and mechanical fixtures, etc., of the remodeling projects so that no clashes are encountered.

Our Point Cloud to BIM Projects

We perform conversion services on varied projects of different scales and types like residential, commercial, industrial, infrastructural, historical, etc.
Our point cloud modeling proficiency lies in the following:  










Building extension & modifications


Facility management


Repairs and fixes

What is Point Cloud to BIM Modelling Services?

Point cloud to BIM is a process to capture the existing condition of a site in the form of high-density points using scanners and converting it into an accurate As-built Model to illustrate the details for renovation and remodeling.


Benefits of Point Cloud to BIM Conversion

Check right

Better remodeling workflow

Check right

Accurate As-Built Survey Data 

Check right

Enhanced visualization of the existing structure

Check right

Better insights and design integration with existing built scenario

Check right

Reduced reworks and costs

Check right

Quality 3D model

Check right

Increased productivity, profitability, and efficiency

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